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This is not who she wanted to be.

Her tears silently crash to the floor

she is unable to escape from her drained and damaged soul,

she wonders how much of it all she can take,

going through the darkness as her heart consistently breaks.

She doesn’t see the reason for the pain she must endure,

angry at herself and at the world for leaving her so cold,

happy little girl she used to be

it’s so sad that the harshness of the world has made her to be,

a hopeless girl with nothing pleasant to say

they even feel the negativity that she never wanted to radiate.

Faces filled with disgust look down upon

the drained and damaged soul 

they’ve left alone,

thoughts swirl through her head making it harder to bare,

leaving her dizzy and distressed to where it has led.

Not a single person she can confide in to hear the words that need to be said,

“Why can’t they hear? Why can’t they hear my cries for help?” She sorrowfully wept.

Suddenly the unfortunate truth brings her to her knees,

shivering as she shouts there’s no one in this world for me to please,

what’s the use in trying she wonders when her efforts are destroyed and wasted,

there will never be a place where she can honestly feel complacent.

Of course they know the state she’s in

but they only take pleasure in the shadowy place she’s in,

this is not who she wanted to be.

A drained and damaged soul loitering unendingly,

desperate and longing to find her purpose,

then realised there’s no point because she knows she’s not worth it.

Someone to listen and a shoulder to cry on,

someone who truly cared and someone to rely on.

This all she needs.


this is not who she wanted to be.

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this poem. I’ve been feeling a bit shitty so I thought why not put it into writing lol, I feel a bit better after writing this though.

Please tell me what you think. Hope you’re all having a nice day x


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