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You become so caught up in everything you sometimes lose yourself.

Slowly, things start to get to you. The stress starts to built up, you become more frustrated and find it hard to cope with it all.

I’m trying so hard to focus right now but there’s one million things going on in my mind.

But excuses shouldn’t be made right?

Take a deep breath and face one thing at a time. You’ll find a way to see it all through even if you’re finding it unbearable at the moment.

You’ll find a way to keep it together, or just about anyway.


5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed”

  1. You ARE allowed to find excuses, but just as the title states – it can be overwhelming. Whether that’s exams, family or just life in general, it can overwhelm you. BUT you WILL get through it, even if it isn’t easy and even if it’s stressful. Those million things will soon go away ❤

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