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I haven’t lived

Nope, I haven’t lived the amazing things life secretly has planned for me or the genuine happiness I’m going to experience but I WILL.

Nothing lasts forever

I feel alone. So alone. I’m constantly around people who have SOMEONE and I feel like I have no one. But that feeling won’t last forever. And that’s what you need to believe. 

The pain that you may endure will eventually lessen and hurt less. 

I HATE college. It’s gotten to the point where I just want to bunk lessons and sometimes I beg my mum to let me stay at home, silly right? Not only is it the stress of A Levels; I’m finding it hard to adjust to the change. I’m no longer in that atmosphere where it felt loving, funny and like a family. I’m no longer around people who used to make me smile everyday. Things have changed and I need to accept that. So what can I do? Make the days count, yes the sixth form I’m at will never be the same as my secondary school but I can’t do anything about that. I can’t spend a whole year and a half feeling like shit, I just gotta get through it with a smile and positivity.

Remember you haven’t lived the most greatest days in your life yet. Cling onto hope and believe that there are better days to come. Days that YOU deserve to live because there’s no one like you and you’re beyond great that you don’t even know it.

“There’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success” – J Cole 


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