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Viewing things better 

When you care about someone so much aaaaand they don’t give two fucks about you… Ouch


Last month was so bad. I was feeling really down and I’ve been nothing but a moany/moody bitch about everything lately – particularly because I hate college so much. I was speaking to my parents today and they didn’t understand the hatred for I had for college at all so it was pretty much a pointless conversation:/

It’s about time that I get over it, I’m stuck there until next year and there’s nothing I can do about it. Might as well try to make myself happy and make the days count because I wouldn’t be able to cope another year and a half feeling like how I have been feeling. Positivity must be allowed to kick in, I’ve been way too negative about everything and it needs to stop.

New month. A new outlook on life – well an attempt to have a new outlook anyway. 


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