Decisions on social media

So today I finally decided to delete insta and snapchat. Well I haven’t deleted sc yet because I’m waiting for my friend to give her number to me. So what made me come to this decision? Tbh I think I need some time away from it. It’s not permanent (I don’t think) but when you’re […]

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I have dreams.  Big dreams.  What are they? Weeeeell I thought I knew. Now I have doubts:/ But no matter what, I WILL leave my mark in this world. I WILL touch someone’s life one way or another. I want to be remembered for the greatness I WILL create. 😉 But Roxy you need to […]

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Why do we compare ourselves?

 Why do we compare ourselves to others? Why are we guilty of envy as we don’t have something that someone else has? Why do we put ourselves down because we think we are not as beautiful or smart as someone? Why do we do this to ourselves? Now I won’t lie to you. I compare […]

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You don’t realise.

You don’t realise how heartless you are.  You don’t realise the pain you cause. You don’t realise what’s wrong with what you say. You don’t realise how glad I am that I’m not like you. You don’t realise what you are.

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The Miranda Sings Award (:

First off, thanks to the wonderful Alex for nominating me for this award (first award I’ve been nominated for, yay!) I won’t even lie to you, I was extremely reluctant to do this post because I wasn’t sure who to nominate and I struggle really bad with self love. I felt like if I was to say nice […]

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