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Same shit, different day.

Different week, different month, different year ARGFFGZHAKAPSKDB

Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but college is making me so depressed. You MUST believe me when I say I was much more joyful than I am now. God what’s happening to me.

Highlight of my day was seeing my friends from the year below at open day for the sixth form I go to. Their reaction was so warming, they was excited to see me and it really did make me feel happy. Gosh times like this makes me miss my secondary school so much. I don’t only miss my year but literally everyone in it, yup I had a really good relationship with people in younger years too considering I was head girl. 

It felt so weird helping out, I felt out of place because it wasn’t the school I went to for 5 years, it’s a sixth form that I’ve attended for nearly 4 months and DESPISE. I mean I can have one good day and 100 bad ones which sucks. How am I meant to survive another year like this?  I’ve cried way too many times already and the years basically started.

Why isn’t there a hole for me to hide in? 😭

Roxy xoxo


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