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Tired from doing nothing 

I’m completely exhausted from doing fuck all 😂 I’ve literally done nothing all day which feels pretty great xD unfortunately I’m still in my feelings from yesterday (basically means I’m still feeling a bit shitty) well from all week tbh. I’m trying to look at the brighter side of things, convincing myself that life will get better. I mean the years just started surely it won’t feel like for the whole year. I’m try to not make myself sad because I don’t deserve to be sad. No one does. 

“Stop overthinking things” – trust me it’s easier said than done. It can’t be helped, I try really hard to stop thinking about things that will end up making me upset or angry but my mind is reluctant to give me that ability. Before I know it I will be 18, officially an adult. Next year I will be 18. Gosh that scares me. Me being an adult? I’m far from ready which gives me more of a reason to make use of the time I have left being a teen. Sooner or late I’m going to have to start making decisions. Whether I want to go to uni, what career I want to pursue and etc. Why is life filled with so many decisions 😫

Looking at my New Years Resolutions I feel like I’m doing quite well. I went to gym not once but TWICE this week! Hell fucking yeah I’m proud! After all this time, after I kept putting the idea of using my colleges gym off I finally decided to go with three of my friends. I convinced Yaz to go next week with us too☺️ I feel more motivated to go so hopefully I will continue. I’m also eating more healthy, having more fruit and veg. Cutting fizzy drinks, fruit juices out and drinking more water. I haven’t had any take away at all so far, wonder how much longer I’ll survived without it haha. What I really need to work on is self love and doing things I love. I’m way too negative about myself. One being because I’m an absolute midget. Well I’m either 4 ft 11 or 5ft, either way I’m tiny and I HATE it. Okay where’s the self love Roxy? Urgh I know I know it’s just that I wish I was taller and every single day someone brings up my height. It’s so annoying, I already know I’m short I don’t need you reminding me every single day that I’m practically a dwarf😒😒 people say there’s nothing wrong with being short and I know, there isn’t anything wrong with being short but it’s just – frustrating.

I decided that next week I’m gonna start going to music at least two times or more in a week. Singing helped me so much in my secondary school, it’s such a soother. It honestly makes me feel so free, I can’t wait to get back into it properly again. I sing all the time, I feel sorry for the people who sit next to me in lessons because I literally sing ALL THE TIME😂😂 it’s just my daily thing☺️

How’s everyone’s day going? Are you sticking to you New Years resolutions or have you made a change of any kind this year? If things seem to be going downhill already don’t think that it will last like this forever because it won’t. You’ll eventually find a way to see it through, keep your head up because things can only get better. You just need to have hope and find the strength to believe that it WILL get better.

Roxy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Tired from doing nothing ”

  1. Being ‘unproductive’ always stresses me out, because my mind starts to wonder. Also congrats on staying more healthy, that’s amazing! And my New Years Resolutions are doing okay, I’m just sort of floating by.

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