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A quick joke before 2015 officially ends and my New Year Resolutions

Gets me every time!😂
Some time this month I did a post on the things I learnt this year called “Last month of the year” so if you want go take a read 🙂

I’m so glad 2015 is coming to an end – that sense of closure is needed. Hopefully next year will be a great year for us all. 

 My New Year Resolution’s:

– Learn to LOVE MYSELF; 

Self hatred is awful. I want to be happy with who I am and what I look like. Everyone has flaws and imperfections, without them we wouldn’t be as special as we are. I hope I can find a way to accept this and learn to be kinder to myself too. 

– Stop being so pessimistic;

Although I try to help people think positively I fail to practice what I preach. I’m so used to things going wrong and being disappointed I always expect the worse of every situation. However I’m going to do my best to stop thinking negatively and try to be more hopeful.

– Eating more healthy and exercising;

My diet could be so much better, for example cutting down on the amount of take away I eat because it’s not exactly healthy. I’m planning to look up some recipes and teach myself to cook home meals as well as eating more fruit and veg. I keep saying I’m going to exercise and I NEVER do. Start DOING and stop SAYING Roxy!! 

– Do things I love

In secondary school I used to go to music all the time and sing – something I’ve always extremely LOVED doing. I really enjoy sports too but since I’ve been in college I feel like I’ve lost my passion for it. Some of my friends from college go to music during lunch sometimes, I’m looking forward to regaining my passion and doing something I love. There’s a basketball team I was looking to join too.

– Stop procrastinating and being lazy!

I have goals to achieve Roxy! If you want to achieve them you need to work harder. I’m going to set my priorities straight. What’s important comes first, what’s not as important comes last. 

– Find a job;

After a few rejections and the majority not even replying back has really got to me, especially because I know so many people have jobs already. I want to earn my own money and stop relying on my mum because she already spends so much on me. It’s about time I look even harder and hopefully I can get one.

2016 will involve many ups and downs. It may not be an easy ride but the most important thing is to make this new year even better than the one before. Many people didn’t make it to see a new year so be grateful that you are alive to see this day. Make it worth while and be amazing!

Roxy xoxo


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