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I know we were made for something much greater

All hail QUEEN TINASHE. Yes I love her okay, she’s one of my favourite artists.

I absolutely love this song, the title is a line from the song above.

“I know we were made for something much greater.”

The meaning behind this is amazing. We ARE made for something so much greater that we might not realise it. You may not consider your own worth enough to believe that we have something to live for, although this is so easy to ignore in certain situations where we can’t see our purpose in this world. What we’re actually capable of is beyond our own eyes – we probably don’t even know. Our dreams and ambitions seem so far but with self belief and our own individual empowerment we are more than able to attain them. Never be afraid to dream big or have different thoughts compared to others because as Tinashe said we’re made for something that is much more promising than we think.

Okay I’m talking a lot of bs right now, it’s midnight okay leave me alone – my brain does weird shit.

Oh and BTW I made some progress, I actually revised today well I mean yesterday. I only have the rest of this week, next Monday and then that’s it 😦 At least I accepted the fact that panicking won’t get me anywhere and beating myself up about the time I wasted time won’t help me get it back sooooo might as well just make use of the time left right?

Goodnight to all,

Roxy xoxo


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