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Shit.. Shit.. SHITTTTT!!!

As you can tell from my title I’m panicking. Before I broke up from college I was doing so much work and as soon as we’re on the Christmas break I’ve become way too lazy. This is not the time to get lazy Roxy you little shit!! ARGH FFS so I had a plan when revising – go through all the content the first week and make notes, second week – go through all the notes and practice papers. GUESS WHAT?! I HAVEN’T FINISH GOING THROUGH THE CONTENT AND MAKING NOTES SO THAT’S ALL FUCKED UP, WAY TO GO ROXY!

Why do I have 2 EXAMS first day back, WHY? WHY? WHYYY?!?! Stupid college, thanks for making me want to jump off a cliff. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😥 Okay breathe Roxy breathe calm the fuck down. WTF I can’t calm the fuck down there’s 9 days till mocks and I’ve done jack shit. I have 6 exams in total and I guess I should be grateful that they didn’t drag it out for two weeks, it’s gonna be done in the first week back even if we have 2 exams in one day ):

Can my hard work motivation come back please. Why would you leave me at such desperate times 😥 How could you do this to meeeeeeeeeee!!!! Okay this all your fault you have no one else to blame. I have to make the time I have left count. These mocks determine set changes and whether you need to have interventions as well, I don’t want to go to interventions or change sets 😦

Hope everyone is having a lovely day and isn’t panicking like I am LOL. FUCK YOU A LEVELS.

Roxy xoxo


15 thoughts on “Shit.. Shit.. SHITTTTT!!!”

  1. Okay!!!! The key is actually to relax. Take a deep breath and from what I’ve learned is that panicking just makes things worst. Just believe that you know everything even if you don’t. Trust me this is actually a great way to learn. Stop giving yourself burden. Just hope for the best 🙂

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  2. Feeling stressed is the worst feeling in the world. Other than anxious for me of course. But anyway. I have a ton of homework and tests to revise for when I go back too, and I haven’t done ANY of it, so I’m feeling pretty stressed right now too. I get that yours is more serious, but I mean I can relate. Please relax. Just start with a little bit. Tell yourself you’ll do a few pages, then have a break. You’ll get through it and fly through your exams with amazing grades – I know you will x

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    1. It really is, and I just feel like it’s too late and there’s no point because I won’t accomplish anything but I’m gonna try my best to make the time I have left useful. It’s better than just letting time pass by and not doing anything. Thank you so much for the encouragement, good luck & I hope everything goes well with your exams xoxo

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  3. I know what you mean. During the holidays I become very lazy but then start to feel anxious because I feel I have lost all control of my life. Although, when I get working again it’s not as bad as first thought. You can do this. You have got more time now you are off school to revise. Just don’t overwork yourself, because that is pointless! Try to use different revising methods such as:

    1. Write your information out and then cut it up into little pieces. Put the words/phrases back together like a jigsaw puzzle. I used this when I was trying to remember my French Coursework.

    2. Record yourself reading out your revision notes and keep playing them back in your head.

    3. Display your revision notes around your room (or whatever space is available to you) in a fun and creative way.

    Just try to keep calm and have faith in yourself. I can tell you are very smart and I know you can do this. I hope this sort of helped.

    Lots of love,


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  4. OKAY ROXY, breathe. Just CALM. It’s not the end of the world, alright? I had a similar freakout earlier, and I’ve learnt that you STILL HAVE TIME. You might not have stuck to your plan, but you can make different plans. JUST CALM, because everything’s going to be fine. I promise you that.

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