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Recovered from a food coma.

Hello to anyone reading this. I hope you had a lovely Christmas yesterday and got everything you wanted!

Apart from not seeing all my family, I still had a nice day with the relatives that I did see. Christmas is one of those days when you really feel the love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from your family, it can be from anyone who means a lot to you. I’m really grateful for these times and I wish we could have more of them.

Don’t get started on the food. OMG! I was in the biggest food coma yesterday, I felt like I was going to collapse when I got up from my chair but boy was the food good! Kudos to my parents, especially my step dad. He made the turkey taste so good. I love having the leftovers the day after Christmas too haha, I sound really fat right now but I don’t care. One of my New Years resolutions is too not get as lazy as I did towards the end of this year and get back into exercising – this makes up for all the food that I’ve been eating. So I made a promise to myself that on the 1st January I will find a work out to go ahead with (Will I stick to my word? Probably not but hopefully I will)

What did everyone get yesterday?

Roxy xo


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