My Teenage Struggle

Christmas tomorrow, yay or nay?

I was totally in the Christmas spirit before but now, ha it’s flown away to God knows where. 

This is gonna sound a bit sad but I never usually spend Christmas with my parents, I usually go to my great aunties because that’s where most of the family goes including my cousins that I’m close with. But this year was going to be different, I was actually gonna stay at home especially because it’s my little sisters first Christmas. My aunty and uncle are gonna come round and so were some of my cousins which I was really happy about. Then I found out that my cousins weren’t coming round anymore, idek why:/ (family feuds before Christmas, how lovely!) so it’s looking like one poopy Christmas, as the majority of my family are gonna be at my great aunts whilst I’m gonna be stuck here, probably in my room revising or something(I probably won’t revise😂) 

What a great Christmas this is going to be eh!

Merry Christmas Eve to you all,  sorry, I don’t mean to down your spirits in anyway😘

Roxy xo


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