My love for music


It’s just about explainable, how much I adore music and how it’s got me through so much. It may not solve all your problems but I’m telling you, the way it can ease some of the pain is amazing.

You’re able to drown yourself into a song and concentrate less on the world. You can close your eyes and feel the overwhelming power that the sound has on you mentally. It really is my escape. God knows what my life would be like without it because I can’t go one day without it.

I haven’t got a specific genre I listen to, I’m really open minded when it comes to music. I listen to anything. Below I’ve posted two links to songs that I recently came across, I’ve had them on repeat ever since! I was thinking it’d be kinda cool to do a song of the week or something just to update you guys on what I listen to, you might just like some of them.

I’d love to hear about some of your favourite songs/ artists so do tell!

Roxy xo


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