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The right thing to do

One of my friends, Boris (his names not actually Boris but he looks like him haha) is a great guy. He always makes me laugh, he’s rude but in a not offensive-funny way and he’s a nice person to speak to. Since sixth form’s started he hasn’t really made an effort to make any new friends because he feels like he’s not ready which I totally get, he feels anxious around new people sometimes which is completely fine.

He messaged me today saying how boring school is, this was a bit of the conversation:

“Sixth forms so boring”

“I miss you”

“You’re like my only friend here”

And this is where the guilt hit me. I knew Boris was feeling a bit lonely because he doesn’t really socialise with many people although he sometimes hangs out with Chloe and Jazmine (two of our friends) but he said they found a new squad who he finds boring. He usually calls me, texts me or tries to find me during break/lunch so he can hang out but sometimes I just want to create some distance away from him. For example, I was outside with some of my friends and he literally came out of no where and walked over to me. I feel bad because he’s my friend and I’m supposed to be helping him but I can’t deal with someone constantly on my case.. Okay Roxy you’re sounding a bit like a bitch. I just need to be there for him, if he wants to hang out with you let him because if roles were reversed you’d want someone to be there for you too wouldn’t you? But what if he doesn’t leave me alone at all? Everyone wants a bit of space once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with that. I love hanging out with Boris but I don’t think I could hang out with him every single day. There’s nothing wrong with him, to be honest I don’t really know the reason. Some of you may be thinking that you’re probably embarrassed to be seen with him but that’s not the case. It would never be the case plus people have seen me with him loads of times.

My step dad took my my glasses to specsavers to see if they could get a different frame for the time being so hopefully he does so I can go school tomorrow. When I told my friends I wasn’t going to school because my glasses broke they were laughing and thought it was a stupid excuse but it makes sense to me 😀 . So if I do go in tomorrow I’m going to tell him he’s more than welcome to hang out with me any time he wants. Going through these two years alone wouldn’t be pleasant so I’m going to make him aware that I’ll always be there for him because if he was in my shoes I know for a fact he would do the same.





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