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Next week is the last week of sixth form (thank God!) and then it’s the Christmas holidays woohoooo! – my fav time of the year where I stuff my face and relax – well the relaxing part isn’t necessarily possible, I have to revise as we have exams as soon as we get back in Jan (sarcastic yay)

Every year my sixth form holds a Christmas party for the elderly, and it took place today. I helped out and missed my last 3 periods so I only had one period and a study period this morning so it went quick. It was really nice, there was tons of food – I don’t even know why they bought so much because the elderly barely ate anything. There was performances too which was pretty entertaining. My friends said I should go on stage and sing but I was completely comfortable with just sitting down and watching everyone else lol. It’s amazing to see how young people have such talents though, gosh I really wish I took the chance in primary school to learn the piano. I have a keyboard at home but I never use it because I can’t find the time to and laziness usually gets the better of me.

During the event I sat next to an old lady called Lilly, she told me how she had many jobs from making shoes, to bags, to batteries and many other things. I asked her if it’s really weird to see how everything’s changed from when she’s younger to now. She of course agreed and said it was really different, everything was less restricted, people were let out more, they were able to go out and explore with less fear of something happening to them which is completely different to today. With so much going on in the world, some of us may be allowed to go out and some of us are not therefore being less restricted in certain situations.

One of my teachers mentioned last week that we should be dressed “Christmassy” for the event. I thought most people would so I decided to buy a Christmas jumper which wasn’t too cheesy. There were people who laughed at me (not in an insulting way but I wasn’t phased, haters are gonna hate!) But many people said my jumper was cool or thought it looked cute on me which was nice. When we had a meeting before the event I realised a couple of people were actually wearing Christmas jumpers so I felt less embarrassed.

How’s your day been? Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Roxy xoxo


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