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0121… A levels can flipping do one!

If you’ve never heard of the phrase “0121, fucking do one”, you have now 😀 Growing up in east London, you always end up hearing random terms and phrases which I may do a post on.

A levels are so fucking long! Urgh I hate them, can I just go back and do GCSEs please? I know I was telling myself I can do it, I just need to work harder but it’s just so much effort and there’s so much content. The work load is just… Fml! I feel like I’m incapable of getting through all the content and not achieving the grades I want.

How do people do it? They go home, and just study, no social life or anything just work! I mean, I don’t think that would be one of my options because you’re supposed to balance studying and your social life and other things, you don’t have to drop everything and let studying take over your life… I would literally die if I let that happen.
I barely did any work today, only English and Maths which isn’t a lot at all, stupid football game why did I bother watching it. Yup I LOVE watching football, I support man united (a bit stupid considering I don’t come from Manchester but oh well) we got kicked out the champions league and I just knew we was gonna bloody lose the damn game but I decided to watch it anyway instead of concentrating on my work. Serves me right urgh.

Don’t worry Roxy keep believing in yourself. That’s all I need to do. Try my best because that’s all I can do.

Hope everyone had a good night,

Roxy xoxo


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