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Where is the love?

Why can’t there just be peace in this world? Why are the corrupted and wicked individuals who are making people’s lives a misery still living?

Words can’t explain how angry I was yesterday when I found out Syria Air Strikes were approved and politicians who voted in favour of this thought it was the right way to go.The aim of the air strikes is to destroy Isis but are they really going to achieve this? It just encourages Isis to recruit more people, increases the chance of retaliation and reduces the safety of this country. “Well they was going to bomb us anyway so we might as well get the first strike” – it’ll just end up with blood and tears and nothing resolved so is there any point?

But then you ask yourself… Do you continue to let Isis destroy the lives of innocent civilians or do you take action? When you think about it, there’s no no other way for this to end peacefully but is fighting fire with fire really the answer?

It’s just saddening to think about what the world’s coming to. As long as there’s freedom in this world there will always be evil, someone who has a poisonous mind and wishes to do wrong will always find a way to cause destructiveness.

Wish it’d all stop..

Roxy xoxo


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