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My first ever post.. eeek

Ahhhhh I’m excited! I mean trying new things is always a good thing right? Well not always but if it’s for a positive thing I guess so. At this moment of time I should be revising but hey taking a little break won’t hurt (even though I know it won’t be a little break lol).

So I’m not going to rant on about myself because that’s a bit boring and you may feel a sense of arrogance which is something I definitely don’t want to be putting across for anyone reading this. For this reason, I’ll provide you with an adequate amount of back ground information and what I’m like. I’m pretty much an all-rounder. I love sports, I love music and I’m pretty decent when it comes to academic stuff. I’m friendly, helpful and I smile a lot. I’ve always loved taking leadership roles, inspiring people and encouraging someone to do and be better. I got along with a lot of people in my secondary school, even the younger years who I miss so much! The fact that some of them messaged me saying that I’m still their role model and someone they aspire to be literally touches my heart. I shouldn’t let those words go by so easily, someone looking up to you is something you should cherish and words that should motivate yourself too.

So why am I even starting a blog? Honestly I’ve wanted to blabber about things going on in my life as a 16 year old and how I exactly feel. I mean I speak to a lot of people, I’m a people’s person but I’ve never actually had a best friend before(sounds a girly but you knowww) Yeah, I’ve got a couple of close friends but it’s not the same. This is something I’ve always wanted to have but never did, a very close friendship you can have with someone that they could even be considered as family. Someone you can do everything with,tell them everything without feeling judged and knowing that they’ll be there for you no matter what. It sucks growing up and seeing so many people have this type of relationship to be honest. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had one before but I guess she wasn’t really someone I could class as a “best friend” in the first place. 

I don’t know if any of you have watched Awkward before but it’s a really good TV programme! Jenna (main character) along with one of my friends inspired me to create a blog, although Jenna did make it public at one point and everyone knew exactly what she said and it didn’t go down well at all looooool.

As I said before I’m 16, now attending sixth form for my first year. How would I describe the transition from secondary school to sixth form? Crazy. I mean it just feels so different, the 5 years I’ve spent with people where I used to see them everyday are no longer present in my life, well some are but the majority aren’t. I miss the atmosphere my school used to have, as bizarre as it seems I’d literally call it my second home. My year was like a family, most of us had a great relationship with the teachers and most of us got along with each other so well.  Even the “quiet” or people who seemed “nerdy” were spoken too, it was honestly great. I could go to school in the shittest mood and come back so joyful forgetting what happened to make me feel like crap in the first place. Yup I liked school that much but when I reached year 11 I was definitely ready to leave but I now live in regret as I wished my school days a way. Right now I’d do anything to go back and see everyone and experience school all over again. It’s a shame my school didn’t have a sixth form because without doubt it would have been my first option to go there.

So what about the sixth form you go to now? Erm, it’s not too bad I guess. It’s getting much better than before as the first day was beyond awful. I literally wanted to cry, some people from secondary school attend the sixth form at now but I couldn’t even describe how much I hated the place already. Me and my friends were looking around to see that everyone was in their own friendship groups, anti-social as fuck and not giving any impression that they wanted to meet anyone new. Except for two girls who actually approached us and introduced themselves. But that’s ridiculous, out of the what, 180 students only TWO GIRLS wanted to socialise. As the days passed I gradually started to people there was slight improvements and it was slowly, when I mean slowly I mean slooooooowwwwwlllyyyyyyyy getting better. I’ve been at the sixth form for about 2 months now and I can say that I like it maybe 6 times better than I did at the start as I’ve made a lot of friends and I like the teachers I have too (especially one of my English teachers, absolutely amazing!). I guess you just have to give it time, adapt to change and get used it. Although change doesn’t seem to be the greatest thing, in some ways, that you won’t realise, it can be. In these last couple of days I keep saying I hate change and want things to go back to the way they were but if that was the case, what’s the point of living? The world is exposed to growth, and in order to grow as a person in life there must be a bit of change to enable it to happen.

But that’s all from me for today, I have loads more to tell but I don’t want to give it all away in one post as it’s already long as hell. Oh and btw, I wanted to keep this blog anonymous as I feel more comfortable that way. I don’t exactly want to be announcing my life and secrets to someone I actually know! So goodbye for now and I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.


Roxy xoxo

P.S – my blogs won’t usually be this long! Okay maybe a little bit.



8 thoughts on “My first ever post.. eeek”

  1. ROXY! (AWESOME name, by the way)
    I ADORE this blog. As in, I actually think it’s amazing. The WAY you write and the things you say are just so true and inspiring and you’re someone I admire, even after reading your blog and finding it about 5 minutes ago because you put a lovely comment on one of my posts. THAT means more to me than anything else; I can see why those people at your secondary school viewed you as a role model. Always keep up writing, and if you EVER need a rant or just want to chat, I’m just an email away. Staying annonymous, for me, ALWAYS worked out better, but I’m biased.

    Liked by 1 person

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