Be kind anyway.

I was told kindness goes a long way, even when you get hurt, be kind anyway, even when people lie to you, be kind anyway, even when they do you wrong, be kind anyway, perhaps I am a fool because even when people don't deserve my kindness, I am kind anyway.


do what you love.

dear someone.

Do what you love…bake burnt-ish cookies, write fragmented poetry and unfinished stories, sing a little off-key, play the guitar slowly and clumsily, and braid your hair (forgetting a few strands.)

Because, life is for enjoying, not perfecting.

Wear what you want. Graphic tees or long skirts. Blazers or high heels. Dresses or jeans or sweat pants. That shade of red lipstick that makes you feel empowered. That headband you’ve had since you can remember.

Because, life isn’t about fashion trends all the time.

Learn about what interests you. Famous celebrities, the capitals of the world, economic growth, or the Guinness world records. Learn about Joan of Arc, or Mayan civilization. Learn how to dance the waltz, or how to make a arrangement of flowers. Learn how to file paperwork, or how some stars are farther away.

Because, the unconventional things are worth your time.

Be yourself, heavenly and devilish.

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Lack of genuine friendships

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