Sane to Insane

How can one appear to be so surreal and fulfil all my needs, removes all the aching emotions of loneliness I have ever felt, he has paved his way through my heart, struck my soul, moved into my body, he takes control of me, I am insane, but I am obsessed with what he does… Continue reading Sane to Insane



I pray the blood moves freely in your veins, giving life to every internal organ in your body, life will not slip away from you, we are not ready to let you go, and we know you are not ready to let go too, you are strong so keep holding on and continue the fight… Continue reading Rose

Life & Stuff

Another limerence episode

I've accepted that limerence is going to apart of who I am whether I like it or not. My only fear is that it will affect my future relationships... I mean imagine being in a relationship and then developing a obsessive love interest for someone else? Lately I've had another episode of limerence, well let's… Continue reading Another limerence episode