I wish I was more than something you used to pass time, if only you could set the dead light alight again, maybe I would be on my way to finally being complete.   Is it weird to feel like you're another version of me, or have I just created this soul connection in my … Continue reading Deprived



Behind this mask that shatters, perhaps you now know someone you  never thought you knew, where looks are so deceiving that under this mask I am unrecognisable. Either my eyes are a different colour, Or maybe my lips are a different shape but under this disguise I am not who you think I  am...

3:00 am.

Close your eyes  and listen to the stillness of the silence, rest your hand on your chest, let your heartbeat thump against your hand remembering that here, you exist. In the world I imagine, my hair flutters in the wind I rise in the sky, And float in the clouds,  love rules my world,  all … Continue reading 3:00 am.


I can't force the feelings to be real, patience is welcoming and will attract something genuine, what is forced will not last forever, but it hurts  when the feeling never seems to be mutual, but darling one day you will understand fate is softly whispering, everything happens for a reason, soon you will realise it's … Continue reading Patience


Wallflower Alcove

How much do you really know of living?

How much do you know of joy? How much do you know of the bliss and peace found in knowing that it is all well.

How much?

How much do you know of finding your best parts in another? The all-consuming, all-changing feeling of consistency and loyalty. How much do you know of love?
How much do you know of pain?
The gut wrenching emptiness, the pain that hurts the heart way more than the bones, the pain that stays with us as night. How much do you know of that?
How much?
How much do you know of brokenness? Of nothingness, of hopelessness, of being lost and scared and tired and bare? How much do you know of standing in the pit of utterly raw emotions where nothing else is visible – nothing even matters. How much have you felt in…

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dear someone.

I am the girl who calculates the risks,
who writes poetry about life,
who sips her tea and tries to
decide if she even has a future.
I am a
flight risk, with a fear of failing.
fear of falling
in love
I hate change,
you came along with your
mischievous ocean eyes,
musical soul,
and spindly hands
and told me
could knock the breath out of you

now, I write poetry for you,
I sip my tea and dream
of you
(boy, with the calm persona)
and, maybe this time I won’t have to run
or bury it away, because I
romanticize and I become overly jealous at times
because, you’ve taught me
change is beautiful

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